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Free Conference Call is a popular web site designed in 2020 by a team from the University of Southern California's School of Business and hosted by the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. This site here offers a variety of free video conferencing features and software packages.

Free Conference Call is a member of the Internet Industry Association (IIA). The site is affiliated with the International Business Machines Corporation and uses a Web-based chat software to communicate with participants. The site's mission is "to provide a convenient means for individuals and organizations to hold video conference calls." The site claims to offer free conference calls over the Internet, as well as a toll-free customer service number.

The site offers a variety of free video conferencing features including voice broadcasting, call forwarding, screen sharing, and text message chatting. The site also has video conferencing tutorials that explain how to set up video conferencing, as well as how to use certain features such as screen sharing. The site also contains an online manual that is easy to use and includes user forums to help users get help or answer questions.

Another feature on free conference call is the capability to send e-mails with a conferencing call. The site also offers a toll-free customer service number, so users can be reached during business hours. Users may also access their accounts on any computer, and they do not have to worry about using a specific software package or paying monthly fees to be a member.

Free Conference Call's software package includes two different video conferencing software packages, namely "Mobile Video Conference"Live-Online Web Conference." The "Mobile Video Conference" software allows participants to share their desktop and laptop screens. The "Live-Online Web Conference" allows participants to connect to a live Web conference. Both packages allow participants to make and receive audio and video messages, and share files and documents.

Free Conference Call has a free tutorial section that is easy to use and provides users with tutorials that explain everything about the site. The website also includes a help section that answers any questions or concerns users might have. The site has a FAQ section that has tips and information that may help new users get started.

As mentioned above, Free Conference Call is also affiliated with IBM. The site includes articles, blogs, videos, and an online catalog. These websites offer users many resources, including articles, blogs, videos, and an online catalog.

The site provides its members with a free option for an online service called WebEx. This online service allows users to send instant e-mails and participate in online forums. In addition, members can join a community page on Free Conference Call, view their own profile, and view others' profiles, post videos, photos and comments, create and edit their own Web pages, and upload files, and even chat with other members. Check out this post for more details related to this article:

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